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Frequently Asked Questions

Call Recorder is an application that records your calls, including incoming and outgoing calls. The recordings can be downloaded right on your phone.

Please follow below steps for Incoming Calls:

1) Answer the Incoming call

2) Open the Call Recording App and call to Service Number

3) Once Service Number is connceted, click on ‘merge calls’

4) Once call is merged, it will start recording the conversation

Please follow below steps for Outgoing Calls:

1) Open the Call Recording App and call to Service Number

2) Once Service Number is connceted, click on ‘add call’

3) Choose a contact or enter the phone number directly

4) Once your dialed call is connceted, click on ‘merge calls’

5) Once call is merged, it will start recording the conversation

Yes, you will be charged for two calls by your network provider:  

1) Call Recorder – Service Number

2) Call to your Contacts Number

The cost of the call to Service Number depends on the location of the User and service provider, so User needs to choose an appropriate Service Number that helps to reduce call costs.

Call Recorder App identifies a User’s account details based on thier Phone Number. All the Recordings are saved or stored based on the User Phone Number.

Although, it’s very rare, due to network issues & depending on your service provider the OTP may be delayed or expired.

In such a case, User needs to follow one of the below steps:

1) Retry the OPT verification after a few minutes.

2) ‘Support Call’ will be enabled on the screen and it will allow user to call the Service Number to get the OTP code.

3) Email to support team

Although, it’s very rare, due to network issues sometimes Call Recorder App may be freezed, In such case, please follow below steps:

1) Please Close the APP

2) Please Re-open the APP

Call Recorder records phone calls by utilising the conference call feature. Every time a recording is necessary, the dedicated Service Number is called, acting as a “participant” in a conference call to record a conversation between two (or more) individuals. The conversation that the service number recorded during the call is encrypted and saved on a server after the call has ended, and you can download it to your Phone.

Yes. Conference call feature supports upto five participants. On the standard iPhone call options screen, you can use the “Add call” and “Merge call” buttons.

Five participants which includes the

1) Service Number

2) You

3) Plus 3 people can be on a conference call

Remember to always tap the “merge calls” button.

All recordings of your account(phone number) are encrypted & permanently stored on a secure server. As Long as you keep using the same phone number, you can always download the recordings to your device.

You can also read the privacy policy. []

Recording telephone conversations is strictly regulated in many countries. The publisher of the CallRecorder App is not responsible for any legal violations committed by users of the App.

Make sure you comply with the Phone Recording Laws of your country.

To utilise the Voice Recorder feature in the Call Recording App, User needs to enable the microphone. Below are the steps to enable the microphone:

1) Click ‘Settings’ on the bottom bar of the app to open the Settings screen

2) Enable the Microphone toggle Switch

Subscription enables you to record calls without any limitations. Without an active subscription, you will not be able to record your conversations. However, you will be able to listen to your previously recorded conversations without a subscription.

You can check and manage your subscriptions by following the instructions on this below page

To access your recordings, Click ‘Recordings’ on the bottom bar of the app to open the Recordings screen. You can download or play a recording. You can listen to any of the recordings in the list after you tap play button on it.

To manage & share the recorings, click ‘Recordings’ on the bottom bar of the app to open the Recordings screen and click on three dots (…). Once you click on three dots, below are the options user can do:

1) Rename the recordings

2) Share the recordings

3) Trim the recordings

4) Delete the recordings

Finally Tap on the Play button, to listen your recordings

No. You can record your calls without Internet connection. However, you will need it to download the recordings onto your device.

If a recording does not appear on the recordings list, try below:

1) Try switching screens.

2) Swipe the screen downwards in order to get the refreshed list from the server.

3) Close the app, give some time to fetch the recordings from the server and open it again